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We are borneo local tour operator to conduct the orangutan boat tours  in tanjung puting national park.central kalimantan-indonesia,located in pangkalanbun, about 7 km from iskandar airport.

we provide the river cruising with a traditional wooden boat called kelotok, it will be your home for several days during the tour.

Kelotok is a traditional motorized wooden boat which is about 17 meters long and 3 meters wide, roof With upper deck equipped with beds such as mattresses, pillows, mosquito nets. Western toilets and electricity to recharge the power of camera and others is available here.


We are operating in tanjung puting national park. Central borneo/Kalimantan province.

About tanjung putting national park

Tanjung Puting National Park is a national park in Indonesia located in the southeast part of West Kotawaringin Regency in the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan (Central Borneo). The nearest main town is the capital of the Regency, Pangkalan Bun. The park is famous for its orangutan conservation.

The park is composed of 416,040 hectares of dryland dipterocarp forest, peat swampforest, heath forest, mangrove and coastal beach forest, and secondary forest.

Despite being a protected national park, approximately 65% of the park’s primary forest is degraded. It is the loss of natural habitat that is the greatest threat to the wildlife. Friends of National Parks Foundation is an Indonesian NGO that has been working to restore the habitat in the Pasalat and Beguruh regions of the park since 1997. It also operates a conservation education centre in Pasalat.

Four research centers have been established within the park for the study and rehabilitation of orangutans and other primates. Camp Leakey, founded in 1971 with assistance from the Leakey Foundation, was the first of these centers. It was here where Dr. Birute Galdikas began her career studying the behavior of rescued and orphaned orangutans that were reintroduced into the wild.

Experience it board the kelotok and cruise the river in deep borneo jungle,observes the amazing borneo wildlife,you will amazed with the greatness of borneo paradise,the place that became home for the orangutans,proboscis monkey,long tail maqaque,agile gibbon and more than 200 species of the birds,you will also visiting ex-orangutan rehabilitation camps,there are 3 rehabilitation camps tanjung harapan,pondok tanggui and the famous camp leakey.

The activities in tanjung putting national park beside cruising the river you can also watching orangutan feeding in the camps,feeding.The feeding is additional foods for the semi-wild orangutans. considering this camp area is secondary forest, Which is the source of food in the secondary forest is not Sufficient For the orangutans

main interests ;semi wild orangutan feeding,wild orangutan encounters,bird watching,river cruise,proboscis monkey observation in river,trekking seeking the wildlife in forest.

 Jungle trekking and night trekking [if possible depend on weather] ],Bird watching in a long the river,visiting local community village near by park,planting the trees to help reforestation project in park.

The crew of the boat/kelotok are very professional on doing their job such as tour guide ,cook,captain,boat assistant,they have bee decade to service the traveler/tourist

Fulknowledge and qualified tourguide will explain you about the wildlife in tanjung puting national park,beside he show you the wildlife animals he will also show you the medicine plants

the sharp eyed captain will stop the boat when he see the animals in the riverbanks and you can take a pictures of that.

The cook of the boat,with her/his magic hand will cook variety of the local menu,very tasty and delicious

The assistant of the boat is very helpful,he will keep boat clean and provide what we need on the boat.

how to get there ?

upon arival in indonesia international airport,you can take flight from jakarta,semarang,surabaya to Iskandar airport pangkalanbun central kalimantan/borneo province,if you are in bali,you can take flight to semarang or surabaya and connected it to iskandar airport pangkalanbun.the flight time is an hour.

what should i bring ?

camera,raincoat,medicine,first aid

3D2N orangutan kelotok/boat tour program

Upon arrival at Pangkalan Bun Airport you will be picked up service and board on the boat at Kumai
river, and cruise up Sekoyer river. The boat is a traditional boat (Klotok) wooden river boat about 22m length
by 3.5m with roof upper deck where you can view the rain forest as it glides by. After boating around 1
½ hours, stop at Tanjung Harapan Rehabilitation center for orangutan and witness feeding time at
15.00. Back to the boat and cruise slowly explore the quite river by the klotok while observe the wildlife
such as long noses monkey, long tail macaque, birds along the riverside. Dinner and Overnight on the
boat with comfortable mattress, pillow, fine meals, bottled “mineral” water, mosquito net. Kitchen and
simple western style toilet and shower available on boat (L D)

After breakfast board the klotok to travel up the river for Pondok Tanguy, the rehabilitation center for
orangutans, witness feeding time at 09.00am. Afterward continuing to boat up on tea colored river water
where you will see the magnificent reflection from the vegetation along the river, when lucky with us, the
fresh water crocodile and other wildlife attraction could find a long river bank. Upon arrive at Camp
Leakey orangutan research and rehabilitation center, take short trekking through tropical rainforest
searching for wildlife, birds and other rainforest animals as well as tropical jungle plant. Back to the boat
for lunch then witness feeding time at 14.00 pm for orangutan given additional foods.

quite afternoon go back down the river to reach fireflies area in nypa palm area at begining of sekonyer river. You would see thousand of fireflies arround the trees
Overnight on boat

Overnight on the boat (B L D)

Breakfast on the boat then cruise down the river back transfer to Kumai and drive to PangkalanBun airport for next destination.(B)

The price including

Boat[all crews],parkfees,taxi in and out airport,food,mineral water.

For extend days tour,information and price you can contact us ;

E-mail :

birds or wildlife photographer ,groups

travel vlogger,leisure,adventures ,bacpackers ,honey mooner,family

About us

my name is Ilmi,i was born in a small village of indiegenous community in borneo/kalimantan indonesia,now we are living in pangkalanbun town seeking for live oportunity,i am a tour operator to conduct orangutan boat tour in tanjung puting national park,central kalimantan/borneo indonesia.we own a boat and we also have connetion to a several boats.together with my older brother named ‘isai’ who has been more than 14 year dedicated his life as a orangutan tour guide,local nature activist.youtuber,influencer he speaks fluently well english and spanish.very professional and experienced tourguide.he oftenly handle our guests on the tour.

isai and our guests

not only enjoying the nature,we also show the guest what inside the amazing kalimantan rainforest,beside it animals, you will also learn variety of the madicine plants and the plant/trees in forest.

come with us…you will get an amazing,unique and unforgetable orangutan tours in tanjung puting national park


7 responses to “borneo orangutan camperboat-tour”

  1. Bozena Zieba Avatar
    Bozena Zieba

    I travelled with Isai 2019. We spent perfect time with him. Fantastic person, helpful, perfectly organised, with wide knowledge of jungle , animals and plants. Took care for us perfectly. Wonderful food on klotok, plenty tasteful local products. He cares for enviroment and for animals. We walked close to orangutans due to Isay knowledge of these creatures.
    The best time in Kalimantan with this nice and joyful guide.

  2. Manuel Lozano Avatar
    Manuel Lozano

    Isay is simply the best! I took his boat for 3 days and was one of my best experiences in my hole live. Borneo is amazing but with Isay, a really local guy, can be unforgettable.

    Highly recommended!

  3. Karolina Ropelewska-Perek Avatar

    I know Isai for a very long time. We traveled first time to Pangkalanbun in 2011 and we met Isai. He was our guide and showed us his beautiful jungle, nature, talked about Dayak culture. In spite of all these years we are still in touch and we are about to make trips to Borneo for my groups. The knowledge about orangutans and this precious jungle should be spread across the world to protect this unique gem and it’s inhabitants with the most beautiful ginger fur in the whole world.
    FB /IG Carola Travels The World
    IG @carolatravelstheworld

  4. Juan Fúnez Avatar

    I was in 2018 3 days in Borneo (Tanjung puting) and 1 day in pamkalambung with Isai, he is always williing to help and more important to share his wise knowledge about Borneo once of BEST experiece in my life.
    I ll be back for sure
    1000% recomendable.

  5. Sabine Avatar

    Wir hatten 3 wunderbare Tage im Dschungel und 2 schönen Nächte auf dem Boot. Isai ist ein wunderbarer Guide, der in dem Dschungel aufgewachsen ist, ihn liebt und die Flora und und Fauna sehr gut kennt. Den Orang Utans so nahe zu sein ist Gänsehaut pur.
    We had 3 wonderful days in the jungle and 2 beautiful nights on the boat. Isai is a great guide who grew up in the jungle, loves it and knows the flora and fauna very well. Being so close to the orangutans gives you goosebumps.

  6. Hengky Dotulong Avatar

    Pada awal tahun 2022, kami sekeluarga berlibur dan mengunjungi konservasi orang utan di Tanjung Puting, Kalimantan Tengah.

    Isai menjemput kami di bandara dan langsung menuju pelabuhan untuk memulai perjalanan mengarungi sungai memakai kapal tradisional dan bermalam selama 2 malam di atas kapal kelotok. Kami semua sangat puas dengan seluruh penjelasan dari Isai sebagai guide kami.

    Setelah perjalanan selama 3 hari dan 2 malam menyusuri sungai pulang pergi, kami memutuskan untuk menperpanjang satu hari lagi dan bermalam di hotel di kota, dan meminta Isai untuk menunjukan tempat tempat bersejarah seperti kerajaan kerajaan dan museum disana.

    Bravo Isai … maju terus …

  7. David y Eli Avatar
    David y Eli

    Isai is the best guide you can have in Borneo, you will enjoy Indonesia and its history. thanks for an unforgettable trip. Club Hércules team 😀

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